Honoring Smoker’s Balm CEO, Gabrielle Robinson❤️

I am a happy consumer of several products from this company. The lip scrubs smell amazing, provide actual results & the balm does it’s job of moisturizing quite well.

My lip care journey started in March of 2021 when I first came across the instagram page. I had been searching for a lip scrub recipe to try and found a variety of recipes & helpful ingredients. I am a DIY kind of girl but I do also love supporting black women & businesses. I was a little skeptical at first, I had never tried a lip scrub before & I was afraid it wouldn’t actually lighten my lips. I’d be lying if I said I immediately created a lip care routine once my products came in the mail but I definitely used it the first week I got it.

Eventually after procrastination ran it’s course, I actually scrubbed my lips 3x a week every night for an entire month and I was quite pleased with the results. Rightfully so, my lip balm & scrub were cleaned out of their containers & I felt an urge to make my next purchase. Mainly because I don’t want to stunt my progress & I am excited to see the results of these products combined with my consistency.

Gabrielle did an amazing job making these products affordable, accurate with results & choosing the aromas. She reminds her customers that lip care IS skin care & her products were made to help improve our overall skincare! We are dedicating this post to such an innovative thinker with a great mind for business, Gabrielle Robinson. Check out her products here: https://smokersbalm.com/shop-2/

Hello unchapped lips! 👄

I challenge all my smokers, skin care routine girls, & anyone who just likes to try new products to a 30 day lip care challenge. I purchased a smoker’s balm box which is $20 & comes with 3 large 10g containers of lip scrubs, the balm & lip scrubbing tools. I’ll be updating this post in 30 days with my results, good luck!

Be sure to follow https://instagram.com/smokersbalm?utm_medium=copy_link
This one smells interesting!
My favorite one 😍😍
The products inside the $20 balm box. Smokers Balm ($10 value), Cheery, Cherrylyptus, & Eucalyptus 10g lip scrubs ($30 value).

Which product will you try first?

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